Person Centred Counselling  - Telford Shropshire, Skype, Telephone


In Person Centred Counselling, the counsellor takes the lead from the client. Significance is placed upon the belief that that the ‘client’ is the ‘expert’ in their own experience, and that the client has the ability to develop their own potential. Counselling and the therapeutic relationship offers an environment ‘free from threat’ where clients can be safe and free, to explore WHO they are, WHAT they want and HOW they may go about realising these aspects of themselves.


Counselling enables individuals to explore their INNER abilities, strength and capability to begin to grow and develop. This in turn, offers the opportunity to work through the damaging effects of past experiences and take control of the changes that may be required in order to develop their full potential.


We have experience helping people with issues related to:


Depression/Post natal depression
Gender and Sexuality
Emotional, Physical or Sexual Abuse
Bereavement and Loss
Alcohol/Drug misuse
Relationship difficulties

Employment Issues



This list is not exhaustive, if you would like to discuss any issues not listed above please contact us on +44 7599 701579 or use our contact form.