About Telford Counselling Solutions

Telford Counselling Solutions uses Person Centred Counselling. This is counselling that is based on your needs, whatever you wish to discuss. We will work with you to develop a relationship based on ACCEPTANCE and TRUST, ensuring that we develop a deep understanding of your experiences, value your judgement on what has happened in your life and making sure that you are at the centre of the relationship we build. YOUR counselling journey should be focussed on YOU and working with YOUR experiences, whatever these may be. At Telford Counselling Solutions we make sure that this principle underpins everything we do.

Steve Neville-Wu




Steve practices as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist in the West Midlands and in London. Steve is also a Registered Nurse (Learning Disabilities) and has until recently worked as an academic lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing; teaching a range of communication and interpersonal skills to student nurses, paramedics and also those studying at pre-degree level. Steve has designed and developed a counselling service for adults and children within the trans* community. Over the years, Steve has worked with vulnerable children, adults and families and has focussed his counselling interests in the area of Human Rights & Equality and Diversity. Steve has worked within Sexual Health Services, Sexuality and Gender Therapy and has a professional interest in conflict, conflict management, work based bullyuing and harrassment and also whistleblowing. He has worked in partnership with 2 Police Authorities offering training, advice and support when working with vulnerable people. Steve provides a service to ‘looked after children and families’ working with individuals and  families. 


Telford Counselling Solutions is firmly committed to person centred values and principles, taking the lead from service users, families, carers and significant others.